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So, who wants Orlando? =D

I used to be a huge Orlando fan and collected anything I could get my hands on that contained his image. I still follow his career with interest but I don't fangirl over him the way I used to. As result, I went through my things and have decided to sell off all of my Orlando books, magazines, posters, clippings, and even my autographed photo of Legolas.

mods: please delete if this isn't appropriate for the community. i decided to post here because my collection is quite immaculate and i'd really love for it to go to true OB lovers and a good home and i knew this was the place ^__^

Orlando Bloom : Life Story ~ $8 US -- SOLD

Colorful book, LOTS of photos and great interviews. Follows Orli's career up to KoH. Contains several mini pull-out posters.

Orlando Bloom - biography by Robert Steele ~ $12 US -- SOLD

Detailed biography that traces Orlando's career from the very start. With fantastic quotes and lovely photos along the way.

ONE - Orlando Bloom Special ~ $10 US -- SOLD

This magazine is in FRENCH, which I cannot read, but the pictures are lovely and it contains 4 double-sided fold-out posters!

Kingdom of Heaven ~ $8 ~ SOLD

Wonderfully detailed book all about Kingdom of Heaven, lots of gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos, descriptions about the locations, props, and storyline. Fantastic for any fan of the movie!

Orlando Bloom Official Calendar {2005} ~ $10 -- SOLD
Orlando's official calendar from 2005, contains gorgeous large photos that can easily be pulled out and used for posters.

official Orlando Bloom autograph on a Legolas photo [from The Two Towers] ~ $15 -- SOLD

POSTERS ~ all posters are just $5!

various magazine clippings ~ please specify if you'd like a bundle or pick out which photos/covers you would like. price will be cost of shipping to you. images that are crossed out are on hold or have been sold.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Film Fantasy ~ $8
Special magazine all about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Lots of awesome photos from Curse of the Black Pearl, DMC and speculation over AWE, plus stories and interviews with the actors.

Also available but not pictured: large Kingdom of Heaven poster; Legolas poster.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS what so ever, please don't hesitate to ask! I will take more photos, give you sizes and detailed descriptions if you wish.

x-posted at other worthy orlando communities.

Please leave a comment with the items you are interested in, and include your email address and I will contact you! Thank you.
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