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So, who wants Orlando? =D

I used to be a huge Orlando fan and collected anything I could get my hands on that contained his image. I still follow his career with interest but I don't fangirl over him the way I used to. As result, I went through my things and have decided to sell off all of my Orlando books, magazines, posters, clippings, and even my autographed photo of Legolas.

mods: please delete if this isn't appropriate for the community. i decided to post here because my collection is quite immaculate and i'd really love for it to go to true OB lovers and a good home and i knew this was the place ^__^

Orlando Bloom : Life Story ~ $8 US -- SOLD

Colorful book, LOTS of photos and great interviews. Follows Orli's career up to KoH. Contains several mini pull-out posters.

Orlando Bloom - biography by Robert Steele ~ $12 US -- SOLD

Detailed biography that traces Orlando's career from the very start. With fantastic quotes and lovely photos along the way.

ONE - Orlando Bloom Special ~ $10 US -- SOLD

This magazine is in FRENCH, which I cannot read, but the pictures are lovely and it contains 4 double-sided fold-out posters!

Kingdom of Heaven ~ $8 ~ SOLD

Wonderfully detailed book all about Kingdom of Heaven, lots of gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos, descriptions about the locations, props, and storyline. Fantastic for any fan of the movie!

Orlando Bloom Official Calendar {2005} ~ $10 -- SOLD
Orlando's official calendar from 2005, contains gorgeous large photos that can easily be pulled out and used for posters.

official Orlando Bloom autograph on a Legolas photo [from The Two Towers] ~ $15 -- SOLD

POSTERS ~ all posters are just $5!

various magazine clippings ~ please specify if you'd like a bundle or pick out which photos/covers you would like. price will be cost of shipping to you. images that are crossed out are on hold or have been sold.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Film Fantasy ~ $8
Special magazine all about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Lots of awesome photos from Curse of the Black Pearl, DMC and speculation over AWE, plus stories and interviews with the actors.

Also available but not pictured: large Kingdom of Heaven poster; Legolas poster.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS what so ever, please don't hesitate to ask! I will take more photos, give you sizes and detailed descriptions if you wish.

x-posted at other worthy orlando communities.

Please leave a comment with the items you are interested in, and include your email address and I will contact you! Thank you.
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September 22 2007, 12:54:51 UTC 10 years ago

Hopefully this is not too weird to ask but I used to be a big Orlando fan too and I've been planning o sell off my magazines as well. I just don't know where is the best place to post it up. Is there any places you would recommend that worked well for you? Thank you so much for you help!

Sure! My best bet was actually posting here on LJ, I've sold off most of my stuff already. I would say if you can find communities or forums or websites based on Orlando where there is an open-posting policy and you can do such a thing. Take lots of pictures - that'll really sell it to the fans. Good luck!